New Homes Now Available

We are delighted to announce that our three, four and five-bedroom new homes are now available for early-bird reservations! We have received an unprecedented amount of interest, leaving just a few properties remaining.

Don't miss out on your dream home - whether you are looking for a spacious three-bedroom townhouse or a five-bedroom home with views of the historic oak tree, believed to be as old as the mill itself!


Working at a historic site doesn't come without its challenges - hence the need for so many diggers and cranes! As part of phase 1, we are completing groundworks for our commercial units and central square. At the heart of Stowford Mill, this will become home to boutique shops, bars, restaurants & unique work spaces.

We've unearthed quite a few large boulders during groundworks! We are often surprised by the amazing natural resources Stowford presents. These boulders will be incorporated into the landscape here at the Mill, I’m sure you will spot a few.